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Key Facts

Typical offers require

Course duration: Four years (Year 3 spent abroad)

Entrance requirements:

A Level: A*AA
IB: 40-41 points, with 776 at Higher Level

Places available: 20

For other qualifications, see the Undergraduate Prospectus Entrance requirements pages.

Course requirements

Required by all Colleges: A Level/IB Higher Level in the language (except Russian, which can be studied from scratch)
Required by some Colleges: A Level/IB Higher Level History; for Russian from scratch, evidence of language ability

Admissions assessments

All applicants for History and ML are required to take written assessments both pre-interview (the History assessment) and at interview (the Modern Languages assessment), if interviewed.

Full details of the assessment are available in the Undergraduate Prospectus (link at the bottom).

Submitted work

Applicants to some Colleges are required to submit one or two school/college essays as examples of written work prior to interview. See individual College websites for further details.

See the course entry in the prospectus

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