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Course structure

Soviet Poster FLIKR Jorge Lascar

Course structure

The course lasts four years and is split into three Parts: Part IA in the first year, Part IB in the second year, and Part II in years three and four.

Year Part Content
One Part IA During the first year you will enhance your written and spoken language skills and study a related course (normally an introduction to the literature, thought and history of the relevant country). You will also choose two courses from the History Part I list in European history, world history, or the history of political thought, which will widen your range of historical knowledge and introduce you to the methods of historical enquiry.
Two Part IB In your second year you continue your advanced language study and choose three further courses (at least one from the Part IB MML list and at least one from the same range of History Part I courses as in Part IA).
Three Part II The two-year Part II comprises a Year Abroad and a final year of study in Cambridge. The Year Abroad gives you an opportunity to immerse yourself in the language, culture and politics of your chosen language area. During this year, you will also prepare a Year Abroad Project which will cover the culture, thought, history or politics of the country in which you are spending your time.
Four Part II At the start of your final year you take an Advanced Oral examination. You will study advanced language courses in your chosen language and three other advanced courses from a wide range offered by both Faculties. You have the option of submitting a 10,000 word dissertation, drawing on your linguistic and historical skills, in place of one of these papers.

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