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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Dr Calbert Graham

Dr Calbert Graham
Research Associate, Automated Language Teaching and Assessment (ALTA)
Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages
Contact details: 
Telephone number: 
+44 (0)1223 760812

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics
English Faculty Building
9 West Road
University of Cambridge
Sidgwick Avenue
United Kingdom


Dr Calbert Graham is a Research Associate in phonetics. He conducts learner speech corpus research on the ALTA project. He is a member of the Phonetics & Phonology Research Cluster, the Computational Linguistics Research Cluster, and the Cambridge Language Sciences Strategic Initiative.

Calbert graduated with an MPhil from the former Research Centre for English and Applied Linguistics (RCEAL) in 2010 and a PhD from the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (DTAL) in 2014. He has been a visiting researcher at the University of Colorado, Boulder (2011), and at the University of California, Berkeley (2013). He studied for an MA in Applied Linguistics at Kyoto University as a Monbusho Scholar (2009).

CV available on request

Research interests: 

Phonetic theory
Prosody and sound change
Tone and pitch accent systems
Language acquisition
Creole, Romance, Japanese phonology
Computer applications in language learning

Recent research projects: 
Published works: 

Selected publications:
PhD thesis (University of Cambridge): The phonetics and phonology of late bilingual prosodic acquisition: a cross-linguistic investigation

In progress:
Vowel spectra in automated assessment of spoken language proficiency.

C Graham, P Buttery, A Caines. Phonetic and prosodic features in automated spoken language assessment. Workshop on Phonetic Learner Corpora, International Congress of the Phonetic Sciences (ICPhS).
C Graham, F Nolan, A Caines, P Buttery. Vowel formant characteristics in automated assessment. In: Proceedings of Phonetics & Phonology in Europe (PaPE) conference, University of Cambridge
C Graham & B Post. Tonal alignment and scaling of the American L+ (H*) L pitch accent by late bilinguals. Journal of Phonetics (Revisions).
R Moore, A Caines, C Graham & P Buttery. Incremental dependency parsing and disfluency detection in spoken learner English. Proceedings of Text, Speech and Dialogue (TSD), Berlin: Springer.

C Graham. F0 range in Japanese and English: the case of simultaneous bilinguals. Phonetica (International Journal of Phonetic Science), 71:271-295

C Graham. Revisiting f0 range in Japanese and English. Berkeley Phonology Lab Report, 110-125.
C Graham & B Post. Realisation of tonal alignment in the English of Japanese-English late bilinguals. INTERSPEECH (No.1603), 2390-2394, Lyons, Causal Productions.

C Graham & B Post. The Phonetics of English stress acquisition by Japanese native speakers. In: Proceedings of the Biennial Symposium of the British Association of Academic Phoneticians conference, Leeds.

C Graham. A case study of Japanese acquisition of American English stress. Journal of the Phonetic Society of Japan, 15, (3), 87.