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Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

Online Resources

What follows is a list of recommended online resources. It is an attempt to provide a cross-section of relevant websites, in the hope that these will be prove useful to students as they pursue their own explorations.

Scheduled Papers

Paper Li 1Paper Li 2Paper Li 3Paper Li 4Paper Li 5Paper Li 6Paper Li 7
Paper Li 8Paper Li 9Paper Li 10Paper Li 11Paper Li 12

Online Encyclopedias and Lexicons

Supplementary Lectures

  • Historical Linguistics: Questions of reconstruction and relatedness (PPT) (PDF)

Scheduled Paper Resources

Paper Li 2: Structures and meanings

Paper Li 4 - History and varieties of English

I. Varieties of English

II. History of English

Paper Li 10: Semantics and Pragmatics

Paper Li 11: Historical Linguistics