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CALL Facility

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Using the Language Centre's Live Satellite Television Feed

The Language Centre's Live Satellite Television Feed is available to any member of the University with a valid Raven account. Television feeds are available for all the languages taught in MML.

The Language Centre provides guidelines on how to configure your computer to work with the television feed regardless of what kind of computer you're using. 

These instructions are provided to help staff and students using the PWF computers in the CALL Facility, though they should work equally well for any computer.

Using the CALL Facility to access these materials has the added advantage of providing you with access to headphones so that you won't disturb fellow students in your college computer room.

Mac Users

Mac users should follow the instructions for Firefox users.

Internet Explorer users:

Login to the Language Centre Online at

Follow the link to Live Television and Off-air Recordings on the left-hand side of the screen, then Live TV links.

Choose your Channel and in a few moments the VBrick application should start playing the live TV feed in a separate window.

Firefox users:

Login to the Language Centre Online at

The Firefox browser currently doesn't support ActiveX, the technology that supports the online live TV feed, so you need to carry out a one-off installation of a package called VLC player. Instructions are available from the Live Satellite Television web page.