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Modern & Medieval Languages

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Self-registration for course resources with CamTools

CamTools can be accessed by the following steps by any member of the University with a Raven login. Please note that you should self-register for the Faculty's own CamTools site. Other courses may, or may not have their own CamTools site, so please be guided by your tutors.

1. Login to Camtools at camtools.cam.ac.uk

2. Click on 'Courses & Projects' at the top of the page.

4. Click on the tab 'Joinable Courses & Projects' and in the search box type the name of your course.

5. Click on the link called 'Join' written in small text at the right hand side of the screen and wait for the 'Joined successfully' message to display then select 'click to visit'.

6. You should see a left hand menu bar from which you can click on 'Resources'.