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Making Sense

Little Hall, Sidgwick site, University of Cambridge

Friday 25 September 2009

8.30 Registration and coffee (Lecturers' Common Room)

9.00 Lorna Collins - Introduction to 'Making Sense' (Little Hall)
9.15 Elizabeth Wright and Susan Sellers - 'Painting in Prose: Performing the artist in Susan Sellers' Vanessa and Virginia' (Little Hall)
9.30 Ian James - 'The Technique of Thought' (Little Hall)
9.45 Jean-Luc Moriceau and Jennifer Milligan - 'I could only tell, by the skin of my body' (Little Hall)
10.00 Kathleen McKay - 'A Budding Architectonic' (Little Hall)
10.15 Laura McMahon - 'Architecture of sense: Kapoor's Memory (2008)' (Little Hall)
10.30 Discussion. Chair: Lorna Collins

11.00 Coffee break (Lecturers' Common Room)

11.15 Caroline Rannersberger - 'Unsettling country: Landscape painting in Northern Australia' (Little Hall)
11.30 Faith Lawrence - 'The Art of Listening' (Little Hall)
11.45 Discussion. Chair: Dr Martin Crowley

12.15 Buffet lunch (Lecturers' Common Room)

1.15 Margalit Berrier and Uta Forstat - 'Mémoire de l'Avenir' (Little Hall)
1.45 Discussion (Little Hall). Chair: Elizabeth Rush

2.15 Hugo Azérad - 'Making Sense of Epiphanic Images' (Little Hall)
2.30 Patricia Ribault - 'Making Makes Sense. Craft as an exploratory mode of thinking' (Little Hall)
2.45 Performance by the PhD programme of the Slade School of Fine Arts (Michael Delacruz, Penny Florence, Errol Francis, Tim Long, Jane Madsen, Laura Malacart, Bruce McLean, Johan Thom and Veronica Vossen) - 'Senses as Mobilising Forces' (Little Hall)
3.00 Discussion. Chair: Elizabeth Rush

3.30 Coffee break (Lecturers' Common Room)

4.00 Poster presentations (Alain Ayers and Cécilia Gelin, Beatriz Cantinho, Bruno Couderc, Nolwenn Denizot, Florian Forestier, Sophie Gosselin and David Gé Bartoli, Ryousuke Kakinami, Isabelle Vodjani) (Lecturers' Common Room). Chair: Dr Emma Wilson
4.45 Roundtable discussion involving Robert Luzar's artwork, Pause Records (Little Hall)

5.00 Jean-Luc Nancy and Making Sense (a text by Nancy read by Dr Martin Crowley in Nancy's absence) (Little Hall)
5.45 Questions

6.00 Drinks (Lecturers' Common Room)