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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Public Engagement

The MML Annual Lecture

The MML Annual Lecture is a yearly event which is free of charge and open to the public. These lectures form part of the annual University of Cambridge Festival of Ideas

Over the course of two weeks, the Cambridge Festival of Ideas offers hundreds of free, dynamic events located all across town. MML has participated with a variety of lectures and offers audiences the opportunity to learn about cutting edge research in linguistics and languages topics.

2016: "Language as a Tool for a Foreign Correspondent", given by Bridget Kendall MBE

2015: "Learning Languages: the Premier League", given by Bernadette Holmes MBE and Steve Eadon.

2014: "The Vanishing Monolingual - why the ability to speak other languages is defining success for the 21st Century", given by Bernadette Holmes MBE.


The Cambridge Festival of Ideas

2016: "Movement and Metamorphosis - Translating Kafka." This lecture was given in collaboration by: Professor Duncan Large, University of East Anglia; Dr Lucia Ruprecht, University of Cambridge; Professor Andrew J Webber,  University of Cambridge and Dr John R Williams, University of St Andrews.