Modern & Medieval Languages


Electronic Resources for Neo-Latin and Early Modern Studies

On-line texts

  • Intratext Digital library in various languages, including Latin
  • Poetiditalia Latin works of Italian poets
  • Forumromanum Digital library of Latin literature
  • Gallica Vast corpus of texts in all areas, in original versions
  • Bibliography Analytic bibliography of on-line neo-Latin texts with hyperlinks
  • Thelatinlibrary Classical latin authors
  • Camena Early modern Latin texts in original versions

Research instruments

  • Bibliographical Aid Bibliographical aid to the study of Renaissance Latin texts
  • RBMS/latin/names Latin place names
  • Orbis Latinus Orbis Latinus; Latin place names
  • Ducange On-line version of Du Cange's medieval Latin dictionary
  • Kirke resources Big German site for classics; also contains many useful links
  • Virgil Virgil
  • Ancient myth Bibliography on Nachleben of ancient myth
  • Drukkers Searchable list of printers from early modern period
  • Kadmos University of Basel site devoted to Greek printing in Renaissance Basel
  • Silva rhetoricae Rhetoric site
  • Bautz Very useful biographical site, in German
  • BUDE/irht New and developing site on Renaissance humanists; in French. Requires registration
  • Medica History of medicine site, in French

Library catalogues

  • Valencia University of Valencia library catalogue
  • Karlsruhe Library catalogue allowing the search of more than fifty libraries worldwide

Other useful sites

  • Chadwyck Early English books on-line
  • Bible Polyglot concordance of the Bible