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SP13 Gender Topics

Front cover of Cola de lagartija (1983) by Luisa Valenzuela

Front cover of first edition of
Cola de lagartija (1983) by Luisa Valenzuela

It is possible to study gender-related issues (both femininities and masculinities) under a wide range of topics. More specifically, topics which encourage the study of works by women, either on their own or in comparison with men's work, are: Escritura femenina, Popular Culture, La novela de la dictadura, and Queer Textualities. There are also individual author/artist questions (Section B) on the work of Cristina Peri Rossi, Luisa Valenzuela, Laura Restrepo, Diamela Eltit and Doris Salcedo. This page brings together some resources and links for gender-related topics for SP13.


  • On-line resources
    • Luisa Valenzuela's own website (includes interviews and articles by Valenzuela)
    • Isabel Allende's own website, including an FAQ under Curiosities (Allende does not appear in Section C, but her work can be studied under the Popular Culture topic, as well as Escritura femenina)
    • An article on the work of Cristina Peri Rossi (and Marta Traba), "The Politics of Desire", for the Novela de la dictadura topic
    • The pages of the former on Luisa Valenzuela, including extracts from her works
    • The former on-line Encyclopaedia of Latin American Women Writers