Modern & Medieval Languages

Diploma and Certificate in Modern Languages

A Diploma or a Certificate in a modern language may be awarded to any person whose candidature has been approved by the Faculty Board of Modern & Medieval Languages and who has attended a course of instruction as prescribed by the Faculty Board, and satisfied the Examiners in the appropriate examination.

The Faculty Board will announce each year the languages available in the Diploma and the Certificate. Applicants should note that Heads of Department have discretion in admitting candidates. No candidate will normally be accepted for examination in more than one language in the Certificate and / or Diploma in the same year, furthermore, no candidate may offer a language in which he or she is offering for Honours in the MML Tripos.

The Faculty Board has announced the following will be available for 2012-13 (subject to the number of Tripos students for paper Du. 5 and the availabilty of resources):

Examination papers to be offered:
Diploma (corresponds to B papers in Part IA of the MML Tripos) Certificate (corresponds to A papers in Part IA of the MML Tripos)
Paper 1. Use of the foreign language. Paper 1. Introduction to the foreign language.
Paper 2. Translation from the foreign language. Paper 2. Introduction to the foreign language.
Oral examination (same as Part IA oral B examination). Oral examination (same as Part IA oral A examination).

Candidates must take the oral examination and the written papers in that language in the same term.

Full details on the form, scope and standard of the course and its papers can be obtained from the Department concerned.

Please note that candidates who are not students of the University must pay the appropriate Composition Fee for each term of study.

Download an application form. Once completed this should be returned to the appropriate Department Office