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Professor Alison Sinclair

Professor of Modern Spanish Literature and Intellectual History (retired 30 September 2014). Formerly: Head of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese and Chair of the MML Faculty Board.
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Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages
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Alison Sinclair specialises in nineteenth-century and early twentieth-century Peninsular literature, culture and intellectual history. Her publications include articles on Alas and Unamuno, and on the intellectual history of the early twentieth century. She is the author of The Deceived Husband (Oxford: UP, 1993), Dislocations of Desire: Gender, Identity, and Strategy in 'La Regenta' (North Carolina, 1998), Unamuno, the Unknown, and the Vicissitudes of the Self (Manchester: UP, 2001) and Sex and Society in Early Twentieth-Century Spain: Hildegart Rodríguez and the World League for Sexual Reform (2007), and Trafficking Knowledge in Early Twentieth-Century Spain: Centres of Exchange and Cultural Imaginaries (2009). She has been awarded £600,725 by the AHRC for her research project, ‘Wrongdoing in Spain, 1800-1936: Realities, Representations and Reactions’ (2011-2014). This research project features in a  University News article on Research News:  'Read all about it!'. The project held 2 conferences, 4 workshops, and numerous events of public engagement. An exhibition at the University Library, Cambridge, is accessible online at As part of the work resulting from the project, and its digitization and cataloguing of 4700 items of ephemeral and popular literature held at the University Library and the British Library (see a further project, based in Spain, is now working on a universal short-title catalogue of pliegos sueltos (chapbooks), with currently some 10,000 titles in its corpus. 

Alison Sinclair will be President of the Modern Humanities Research Association in 2016.