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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Dr Abigail Brundin

Photo of Abigail Bundin
Reader in Early Modern Literature and Culture
Co-Chair of the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages
Faculty of Modern & Medieval Languages
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St Catharine's College 
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Abigail Brundin has been a lecturer in the Department of Italian since 2002, and a Fellow of St Catharine’s College since 2000.

Dr Brundin was one of the three Principal Investigators of the groundbreaking interdisciplinary project Domestic Devotions: The Place of Piety in the Italian Renaissance Home, 1400-1600. The project gave rise to a major exhibition at the Fitzwilliam Museum: Madonnas and Miracles: the Holy Home in Renaissance Italy. The project book, co-authored by the three PIs, is published by OUP: The Sacred Home in Renaissance Italy

She is currently collaborating with English Heritage for a project on the Grand Tour at Audley End House.


Teaching interests: 

Dr Brundin teaches across a range of papers for the Department of Italian, in all years of the degree course. Her teaching is interdisciplinary, involving the study of literature, visual arts, history, political theory and religion. Her teaching focuses in particular on women writers, as well as other kinds of non-canonical literary voices, on lyric poetry, religious literature and culture, as well as on the history of the book and of reading. 

She offers a course on Italian Women Writers for the Faculty’s MPhil, as well as contributing research-led teaching to both interdisciplinary renaissance modules.

Dr Brundin supervises doctoral research on many aspects of renaissance and early modern culture, with a special focus on women writers, poetic culture, religious and devotional culture, and history of the book. Prospective doctoral students are encouraged to get in touch by email with a provisional research proposal.

Research interests: 

Abigail Brundin specialises in the literature and culture of Italy in the renaissance and early modern periods. She has published on women writers in the first age of print, beginning with Vittoria Colonna, on literature and religious reform, on poetry in and around convents, and on devotional culture of the home. A recent collaboration with the National Trust examined Italian books in English great house libraries and the influence of the Grand Tour, leading to an exhibition at Belton House in Lincolnshire (see Further work in this vein is now being undertaken in the library at Audley End in Essex, with an exhibition in place in the house during 2019. 

Brundin's pioneering collaborative investigation into the forms and function of religious devotion in the home, Domestic Devotions: The Place of Piety in the Italian Renaissance Home, 1400-1600, was funded by a Synergy Grant of £2.4m from the European Research Council and led to a major exhibition, Madonnas and Miracles: the Holy Home in Renaissance Italy, as well as a monograph: The Sacred Home in Renaissance Italy. Further information can be found at

Dr Brundin is on the steering committee of the Cambridge Centre for Material Texts

Published works: 


Journal Articles

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