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Linguistics Forum

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Schedule of Talks



18 January

Freek Van de Velde (University of Leuven)

Faculty sponsor: Dr David Willis

Research area:  Mechanisms of Language Change

Title: Languages adapt to minute differences in their speakers’ ecology

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Venue (time): GR-06/7 (4-5:30pm)

1 February 

Harald Baayen (University of Tübingen)

Faculty sponsor: Dr Jim Blevins

Research area:  Computational Linguistics

Title: Using quantile regression and dynamic survival analysis to study the time course of the lexical processing of complex words

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Venue (time): GR-06/7 (4-5:30pm)

15 February

Roberto Sileo

Faculty sponsor: Prof Kasia Jaszczolt

Research area:  Semantics, Pragmatics & Philosophy

Title: The Semantics and Pragmatics of racial and ethnic language: towards a comprehensive radical contextual account

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Venue (time): GR-06/7 (4-5:30pm)

1 March

Teresa Bajo (University of Granada)

Faculty sponsor: Prof Ianthi Tsimpli

Research area:  Language Acquisition & Language Processing

Title: Sources of Variability in Language Activation and Control in Spanish/English bilinguals and L2 learners

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Venue (time): GR-06/7 (4-5:30pm)

26 March

Jim McCloskey (University of California, Santa Cruz)

Faculty sponsor: Prof Ian Roberts

Research area:  Comparative Syntax

Title: Understanding Ellipsis: Corpus, Annotation, Theory

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Venue (time): GR-06/07 (4-5:30pm)

26 April

Prof Dick Hudson (retired, UCL)

Faculty sponsor: Dr N Katsos, Dr B Post, Prof I Roberts

Research area: Relevant to all of TAL

Title & Abstract: TBA (on introducing linguistics into secondary school curriculum)

Venue (time): GR-06/07 (4-5:30pm)

17 May

Margaret Kehoe (University of Geneva)

Faculty sponsor: Dr Brechtje Post

Research area:  Experimental Phonetics & Phonology

Title: Seeking cross-linguistic interaction in the phonetic and phonological development of bilingual French-speaking children

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Venue (time): GR-06/07 (4:30-6:00pm)