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Education First

EF Education First is the world's largest education company, offering language education for students and professionals in more than 50 countries. For more information, visit

We collaborate with:

Rachel Baker, PhD
Director of Applied Linguistics R&D, EF Education First
Rachel received her PhD in Linguistics at Northwestern University. She liaises with the EF Research Unit at University of Cambridge, and is the academic advisor to EF's Language Learning Solutions for schools, universities, governments and businesses.

Christopher McCormick, PhD
Head of Academic Affairs, EF Education First
Christopher received his PhD in Applied Linguistics from University of Texas at Austin. As the head of language research, training and testing for EF he oversees the instructional design and delivery of EF's educational media and the EF Research Unit at University of Cambridge.

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Latest News

How could multilingualism benefit India’s poorest schoolchildren?

22 November 2018

Multilingualism is the norm in India. But rather than enjoying the cognitive and learning advantages seen in multilingual children in the Global North, Indian children show low levels of learning basic school skills. Professor Ianthi Tsimpli is trying to disentangle the causes of this paradox.

Spanish-English speakers' text reading comprehension: An eye movements-EEG experiment

29 October 2018

The purpose of this study is to better understand whether learners of a second language differ from native speakers in text comprehension processes. Concretely, native Spanish speakers will be reading in their second language (English) to assess some cognitive processes that take place during normal text comprehension. To...