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  • Data 
  • Big learner corpora from educational settings (EFCAMDAT)
  • Written and speech data
  • Child data
  • Learner profiles for L2 English
  • Mapping L2 development to proficiency
  • Linguistic, cognitive and communicative profiles
  • Native language effects
  • Individual variation
  • Complexity, accuracy and fluency
  • Profiling pronunciation
  • Methods
  • Natural Language Technology for learner language
  • Speech analysis
  • Corpus linguistics
  • Computational and linguistic models of L2 acquisition

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Latest News

How could multilingualism benefit India’s poorest schoolchildren?

22 November 2018

Multilingualism is the norm in India. But rather than enjoying the cognitive and learning advantages seen in multilingual children in the Global North, Indian children show low levels of learning basic school skills. Professor Ianthi Tsimpli is trying to disentangle the causes of this paradox.

Spanish-English speakers' text reading comprehension: An eye movements-EEG experiment

29 October 2018

The purpose of this study is to better understand whether learners of a second language differ from native speakers in text comprehension processes. Concretely, native Spanish speakers will be reading in their second language (English) to assess some cognitive processes that take place during normal text comprehension. To...