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Inaugural Lecture: Professor Ianthi Tsimpli, Chair of English and Applied Linguistics

Professor Ianthi Tsimpli, Chair of English and Applied Linguistics and Professorial Fellow, Fitzwilliam College is to give her inaugural lecture on Tuesday 22 November.

The talk titled 'A Feast of languages: Multilingualism in neuro-typical and atypical populations', will take place in the Auditorium of Fitzwilliam College from 5.30 - 7.30pm.

Language provides a wonderful means of communication. But should Language be defined as a system of communication, as some have suggested? If so, should bilinguals/multilinguals have better communication skills due to their wider language experience? Ianthi Tsimpli examines language, communication and cognition in bilinguals with typical and atypical profiles, focusing on whether all components benefit similarly from multilingualism. She argues that multilingualism can improve or compensate for deficits in some aspects of communication skills but this is because non-verbal cognitive skills are enhanced. She concludes that language and communication cannot be identical and so should be kept distinct in research on child development, developmental language and communication disorders and in the way language is understood as part of human cognition.

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