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Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Michaelmas Courses in Linguistics MPhil

Michaelmas Courses in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (TAL) MPhil

Introductory courses available in the first term

Courses are offered by the following departments: Linguistics (Li), French (F), Italian (I), German & Dutch (G&D), Slavonic (Sl), Spanish and Portuguese (SP), Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic (ASNC). Further courses or directed reading may be available according to demand

Group A. Established taught courses (lectures and seminars):

Established taught courses in Linguistics (Li) for the MPhil students in Michaelmas Term are shared with the undergraduate Part II students. Click on the links for information on the courses, though please be aware that some courses may not be running in a given year. Please also ignore any information about examinations, which applies to undergraduates only.

Group B: Courses normally available on request as directed reading:

Students are allowed to choose at most two courses from Group B.

  • Philosophy of Language (Li)
  • History of Linguistic Thought in the German Speaking World (G&D)*
  • Language Death (F)***
  • Slavonic Syntax (Sl, Li)
  • History of the Modern Greek Language (MG)
  • French Dialectology (F)***
  • French Phonetics and Phonology (F)*
  • Italian Phonetics and Phonology (I)
  • Dialect Syntax (I)
  • Historical Topics in Italo-Romance (I)
  • Romance Syntax (F,I,Sp)
  • Italian Dialectology (I)**
  • Italian Syntax Seminar (I)**
  • Hispanic Historical Syntax (SP)1
  • Syntax of Hispanic Languages (SP)1

¹ Only one of the Hispanic courses will normally be available in any one academic year.
*Not available in 2018-19.
**Only one will normally be available in a given academic year.
*** Only one will normally be available in a given academic year.


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