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Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


MPhil in Linguistics

MPhil in Linguistics

Introductory courses available in the first term

Courses are offered by the following departments: Linguistics (Li), French (F), Italian (I), German & Dutch (G&D), Slavonic (Sl), Spanish and Portuguese (SP), Anglo-Saxon, Norse & Celtic (ASNC).
Further courses or directed reading may be available according to demand

Group A. Established taught courses (lectures and seminars):

Click on the links for information on the courses. Ignore information about examinations which applies to undergraduates only.

Group B: Courses normally available on request as directed reading:

Students are allowed to choose at most two courses from Group B.

  • Philosophy of Language (Li)
  • History of Linguistic Thought in the German Speaking World (G&D)*
  • Language Death (F)***
  • Slavonic Syntax (Sl, Li)
  • History of the Modern Greek Language (MG)
  • French Dialectology (F)***
  • French Phonetics and Phonology (F)*
  • Italian Phonetics and Phonology (I)
  • Dialect Syntax (I)
  • Historical Topics in Italo-Romance (I)
  • Romance Syntax (F,I,Sp)
  • Italian Dialectology (I)**
  • Italian Syntax Seminar (I)**
  • Hispanic Historical Syntax (SP)1
  • Syntax of Hispanic Languages (SP)1

¹ Only one of the Hispanic courses will normally be available in any one academic year.
*Not available in 2018-19.
**Only ONE will normally be available in a given academic year.
*** Only ONE will normally be available in a given academic year.

See also information on the available pathways.

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