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Postgraduate Study in Linguistics

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


MPhils in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

University of Cambridge

The MPhils in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics (TAL)

Our MPhil by Advanced Study programme consists of coursework in multiple areas and a final dissertation, and our MPhil by Dissertation programme consists of a single, dedicated piece of original research. Please note that neither course is suitable for beginners in linguistics. 

MPhil by Advanced Study (Course Code: MLM5)

MPhil by Dissertation (Course Code: MLM9)

Please direct any enquiries regarding entry requirements and academic matters to the Linguistics Graduate Secretary in the MML Graduate Office:, and any enquiries regarding the technicalities of applying to the Graduate Admissions Office

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Latest News

Spanish-English speakers' text reading comprehension: An eye movements-EEG experiment

29 October 2018

The purpose of this study is to better understand whether learners of a second language differ from native speakers in text comprehension processes. Concretely, native Spanish speakers will be reading in their second language (English) to assess some cognitive processes that take place during normal text comprehension. To...