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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


MML Facilities



The Faculty has three separate computing facilities all of which are part of the University's Managed Cluster Service which is administered centrally by University Information Services.

A wide variety of software is available on these systems. Please see software available on the MCS.

We are able to reset your MCS password for you, but if you're not already known to us you will have to bring your University Card with you as proof of identity.

Any problems with the computer rooms should be reported to the Help Desk. Our office is handily located next to the CALL Facility.

Our online FAQ covers the most commonly encountered issues our users have when using the MCS.

The CALL Facility

Opening Times and Location

The CALL Facility opens from 9am until 6.00pm Monday-Friday during Full Term. Outside full term, other arrangements apply, as advertised. The CALL Facility is in two linked sections of the south wing of the Raised Faculty Building.

Summary Description

The larger room is designed with teaching in mind: it has computer bays spaced round the wall, along with a screen and data projectors. It is also available for private study when not in use for teaching. Next to it is a further room which is primarily for private study and contains a number of PCs in partitioned computer bays. A black and white laser printer is available in the outer lobby. Standard MML MCS print charges apply.

In addition, there are four individual study booths with video and DVD facilities; booth CB4 is larger than the others and can accommodate small groups who wish to watch a video together - please note that it is also bookable for supervisions. All CALL Facility computers are fitted with headphones.

The CALL Facility has a customised MCS interface to provide easy access to the Faculty's specialist language teaching applications. Further information on the CALL Facility and the language learning packages available within it is accessible from the CALL Facility webpage.

Staff who wish to book the CALL Facility for teaching should email:

Library IT Rooms

Opening Times and Location

The Library has two IT rooms on the ground floor. Standard Library opening times apply.

Summary Description

The Library IT rooms are comprised of PWF PCs together with a black and white laser printer. Standard MML MCS print charges apply. The rooms are available to all Library users who have a valid PWF account.

Graduate Centre

Opening Times and Location

The Graduate Centre is on the top floor of the north wing. 24/7 access is available to all graduate students with a suitably programmed University Card.

Summary Description

The Graduate Centre is comprised of PWF PCs all of which are linked to a black and white laser printer. Standard MML MCS print charges apply.