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MPhil in Film and Screen Studies


The MPhil in Film and Screen Studies is an interdisciplinary degree that offers a firm grounding in the theoretical discourses that shape the academic study of the moving image, but in an expansive context that privileges freedom and originality of inquiry. In the Michaelmas (autumn) term students follow a two-part core course that offers a series of rigorous and innovative encounters with major theoretical and methodological debates. In the Lent (spring) term students take two optional modules. Across these terms students participate in research seminars offered by visiting scholars. In the Easter (summer) term students work closely with supervisors to produce their theses. During this term students also enjoy the opportunity to present their research in progress in a professional context. 

Graduates of the MPhil frequently proceed to doctoral study, but also go on to work in the film and media industries, and numerous other fields.


Funding opportunities for the MPhil in Film and Screen Studies are part of a centralized cross-University system. When you apply for the MPhil, by specific deadlines depending on the central funding competition, you simply indicate that you wish to be considered for the specific source of funding listed on the application form.

Central funding competitions for full or partial scholarships are: Gates Cambridge (overseas and EU only); Cambridge Trusts (overseas, EU and home). Funding deadlines are generally early October of the previous year for overseas, early December for EU students, and early January for home students.

There are also some sources of non-centralized funding, such as scholarships offered by individual Colleges. For more information, consult individual college web sites, or the Cambridge Student Funding database.

Funding is, unfortunately, highly competitive, and to have a realistic chance with the above competitions, you should have qualifications of at least First Class or equivalent level (generally CGPA 3.75 and above, depending on the university). If you have any queries, please contact the Director.

Funding Deadlines 

Gates (US Applicants) - Deadline: 10 October 2018

Gates (non US) and all other funding - Deadline: 3 January 2019


"The Film and Screen Studies MPhil has easily been one of the most exciting challenges of my life. Not only is it a thorough overview of film and screen theory in general, it is an opportunity to really challenge the perceptions one is used to, especially in fields one would call oneself an expert. From ontology to haptic theory, passing through the historical and political implication of the use of film and screen media, there is a plethora of themes (un)covered. My one crucial piece of advice for anyone thinking of applying to the MPhil: don't waste anytime, read as much as possible, dive in head first and remember that for most applicants this is a chance to open your eyes and write about film and visual media for an intense nine months. What more could you ask for in a world-renowned research centre, where you might meet the very academic who inspired you to extend a specific field of cinematic/screen media research?"​ Elizabeth Orrin - Former MPhil Student (2017-18)


For further information on applying, please click here

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If you would like to discuss a possible research proposal for postgraduate study (MPhil or PhD) please contact the Centre's director, John David Rhodes

For general inquiries, including questions regarding the application process and funding possibilities, please contact the Graduate Office.


Screenings and Events

Picturing Austrian Cinema Symposium

19 September 2018

22nd – 23rd September 2018 Michael Haneke, the director of the Vienna Film Academy, is to attend the third edition of Picturing Austrian Cinema, a Cambridge Research Symposium to be held at Queen’s College, Cambridge on 22nd - 23rd September 2018. According to the symposium's founder Dr Frederick Baker (Centre for Film and...