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Applications and Funding


For all information on applications, please see the Faculty graduate pages.

Sources of funding

For information on the main sources of funding, please see the the Faculty graduate pages and the University Funding web pages.

More specifically, you may wish to look at the Cambridge Trust funding options for German.

For Departmental-specific sources of funding, please see below.

Cambridge Schröder Scholarship in German Studies

This PhD Scholarship will be offered from 1 October 2019, providing full funding over three years and open to students of any nationality. The Scholarship is funded jointly by the Schröder Fund, the Cambridge Trust (through the Vice-Chancellor’s Awards) and Jesus College. There is no separate application process, but applicants should list Jesus College as their first-choice college.

Tiarks Awards

The Tiarks German Scholarship Fund has as its objective the furthering of German studies in Cambridge. It supports graduate work in the following ways:

Tiarks Scholarships will be offered:

  1. to candidates for the MPhil in European, Latin American and Comparative Literatures and Cultures or the MPhil in Film and Screen Studies or the MPhil in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics who are offering at least one German module, and
  2. to graduate students researching German topics in the Department of German and Dutch and who are in their first year of work towards the PhD degree.

Tiarks Grants. Small grants, particularly for travel, may be made to graduate students studying German topics in the Department of German and Dutch, provided that funds have already been sought from the applicant's college.

The current conditions and the methods of application for these awards are given in the notices below.

Tiarks German Scholarships: notice

The Electors to the Tiarks German Scholarship give notice that they intend to award Tiarks Scholarships for the academical year 2019-2020. The Scholarship value will depend on the other sources of income available to the successful candidates. The Electors are unable to offer full funding.

Applications are invited from candidates for the M.Phil. in European, Latin American and Comparative Literatures and Cultures offering themselves for examination in at least one German module in 2019-20, or from candidates for the M.Phil. in Film and Screen Studies who will be working on a German topic or from graduate students in the Department of German and Dutch who in 2019-20 will be in their first year of work towards the Ph.D. degree. A letter of application, stating the course of study or research which it is proposed to undertake in 2019-20 and the means by which it is proposed to finance the course, including all sources of income, available or applied for, in that period, must be sent to the Director of the German & Dutch Section, by e-mail to, so as to reach her not later than 1 June 2019. Applicants for the Scholarships should state that they are willing for the papers they have submitted as applicants for admission to the relevant courses to be scrutinized by the Electors. It is expected that the award will be made in June 2019.

The Scholarships will be paid in two equal instalments around 1 October and 1 February each year. On the second occasion the Scholars will be required to satisfy the Electors that they are diligently pursuing the proposed course of study or research. If the Electors are not so satisfied they have power to withhold the payment of the second instalment.

Tiarks Grants: notice

The Electors to the Tiarks German Scholarship give notice that they are willing to consider applications for grants from the Fund from

  1. Tiarks Scholars and
  2. other persons engaged in the University in study or research in the language or literature of Germany.

Grants may be made to assist travel for research or to assist the publication, or preparation for publication, of research work, or for other purposes in furtherance of German studies in the University at the discretion of the Electors. Normally, the maximum award per application will be £400 per year and evidence of applying to other funding bodies needs to be submitted. Separate applications need to be submitted for separate events, even if you combine them into one trip. Please ensure your application includes a breakdown of costs (e.g. conference costs, travel costs, cost of accommodation). Please note: Applications in retrospect will not be considered.

Applications for travel grants will be considered three times a year and are to be submitted in advance by one of the three deadlines: 1 October, 1 February and 1 June. The priority will be to contribute to the expenses of graduates attending conferences in German-speaking countries, but contributions might also be made to support attendance elsewhere, including the UK, where costs are modest. Applications for grants for other purposes should be submitted before the beginning of the relevant Full Term.

In all cases, applications should be sent to the Head of the Department of German and Dutch, by email to Application forms are available to download in pdf format or Word format.

Any grant awarded will be paid as an expenses claim following the event detailed in your application; details on the process for making this claim will be provided to you if your application is successful.

Latest News

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10 May 2019

'Media Archaeology, Found Footage, and Family Memory: "The Sun Island"' (lecture, screening, and Q&A) - Professor Thomas Elsaesser (University of Amsterdam/Columbia University)

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3 May 2019

The launch of the major new digital edition of works by Arthur Schnitzler was marked by the first ever public performance at Cambridge University Library on 25 April.

"You say you want a revolution?" - The Schröder and DAAD Hub Lecture

3 May 2019

Tickets are now available for the Schröder and DAAD Hub Lecture, to be held on Friday 3 May 2019 at Frankopan Hall, Jesus College West Court

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