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The Kaiserchronik Project

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The Kaiserchronik Project - Transcription Workshop

The project leaders

The Kaiserchronik project leaders


On 8-9 March 2013, Prof. Jürgen Wolf and Prof. Jürg Fleischer led a two-and-a-half day workshop as part of the AHRC-funded Kaiserchronik project. Project leaders Mark Chinca and Chis Young were joined by seven graduate students specializing in medieval literature and history from the universities of Cambridge, Oxford, Birmingham, St Andrew's, Kent and Cologne. The students were given an introduction to palaeography and codicology of German manuscripts of the Middle Ages and practical instructions for transcribing manuscripts of the A, B and C recensions of the Kaiserchronik. Excellent progress was made in an intense interdisciplinary atmosphere and the students' training will continue over the next two months with virtual supervision tailored to the individual needs of each transcriber. Between them the students will transcribe three full manuscripts during the course of the summer.

Kaiserchronik Workshop image

Prof. Wolf and two graduates

Kaiserchronik Workshop image

Kaiserchronik Workshop image

Kaiserchronik Workshop image

Prof. Fleischer

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