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Graduate Studies in MML

The Faculty currently has approximately 80 MPhil students and 140 doctoral students across six sections. The Faculty's mission is to provide undergraduate and postgraduate education of the highest quality in languages and language-related studies. Leaders in world-class scholarship and teaching, our academic staff are pioneering researchers in a wide range of fields that include the phenomenon of human language itself, individual European languages and language families, and the literatures, art forms, film, history, and cultures associated with those languages both today and in the past.

The Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages at Cambridge is a large but closely-knit Faculty, offering teaching and research facilities in Dutch, French, Occitan, German, Italian, Modern Greek, Neo-Latin, Russian, Spanish, Catalan, Portuguese and Linguistics, among other areas such as comparative literature and film. A wide range of expertise is available within the Faculty for supervising research. The MML Faculty Library has a very good collection of literary and critical texts, and the University Library is a research library of international renown. A Language Centre services the entire University, and houses an extensive collection of European and World Cinema on DVD and video. 

The Faculty has a Graduate Centre with computing, study, seminar and social areas. The facilities include extensive IT, printing, and copying resources, TV, video and DVD. The Raised Faculty Building also has a Media Centre, with film facilities.