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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


University facilities

Cambridge University Library - exterior

The University offers a host of facilities for its members. The Faculty also offers a number of facilities in-house (see the Faculty facilities page).

University Library

The University Library is the main library of the University. It holds over 8 million items spread across over 200 miles of shelving. 

All members of the University are welcome to use the University Library (the 'UL'). New staff should arrange an admissions appointment, so their library permissions are activated. You can contact the Admissions Office at the library to arrange a convenient time. After you have registered, you can begin to use the UL immediately.

> Visit the University Library website


The University Information Service (UIS) is the central service for University-wide facilities, from email, networks and telephone systems through to centrally managed desktop services, printing and support for institutions. The in-house IT Support team provides local support and is generally the first point of contact before approaching the UIS. See the Faculty facilities pages of this Induction site for an overview of the IT Support team.

> Visit the UIS website


The University has a range of sporting and health facilities, including the newly opened Cambridge Sports Centre in west Cambridge, and numerous clubs, teams and associations, covering rowing, golf, cycling and many more.

> Visit the University Sport website