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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Your access

University Card

Something you should arrange as soon as you can is your University Card. Your card attests to your membership of the University, allowing you entry to almost all of the Colleges. It is also needed for joining the University Library and the Faculty Library.

The Personnel and Projects Administrator or the Faculty Office can complete a card request form. With this, you can visit the University Card Office in person and have your picture taken and card made there and then. Alternatively you can submit an image to us via email, and we can send this to the Card Office who will produce the card and return it to us.

When you are given your card this will need to be programmed for entry to to Raised Faculty Building and your own College (if you have one), so you can access these out-of-hours.

> Visit the University Card Office website for more information and their location

There is also some information on access across the University at the HR page 'Access all Areas'.