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Salaries are paid to all staff on the 26th of the month, unless this falls on a weekend or Bank Holiday when the payday will be brought forward to the preceding Friday. The dates of all the paydays can be accessed from the Payroll Section's website.

In order to receive your first pay on time, new staff will need to complete a CHRIS/22 form. The CHRIS/22 form is available here. Internal staff transferring to their new post do not need to complete this form, unless your bank details have changed.

On this, you must provide:

  • your National Insurance Number (if you have not worked in the UK before, you can apply for a number from
  • your UK bank account details (you can set one of these up quite quickly and be provided with the account number and sort code almost instantly)
  • your P45, or alternatively a reason why this is not attached
  • details of someone who we can contact in an emergency
  • a signature (by hand), not a typed signature, as this will not be accepted by the Payroll Section.

If you have not received this form please contact the Personnel and Projects Administrator as soon as possible. If your previous employer has provided you with a P45 you should supply this to us as soon as possible. You should return the CHRIS/22 form to the Personnel and Projects Administrator, not directly to the Payroll Section, as we must complete Part 2 of the form. Staff should be aware that non completion of this form will delay payment.


Staff do not automatically receive paper payslips. All staff are issued with electronic payslips that are delivered through the secure Employee Self-Service (ESS), which can be accessed through the Raven log-in system from anywhere (even away from the University network). Using the system, you can opt to receive an email notification when your payslip is ready (which is usually two to three days prior to the pay date).

> An example payslip can be accessed here

ESS can also be used to keep your personal details and emergency contact details up-to-date. You can log in at any time and amend these, and you are strongly advised to check the information currently there, especially if you have moved to Cambridge since being offered your position.

> Click here to access ESS


Your annual or hourly salary will have been stated on your offer letter. Occasionally, there are University-wide revisions to the pay scales, meaning your starting salary may be very slightly higher than that originally stated in the advertisement or offer letter. Your gross monthly pay will be precisely 1/12th of your annual salary (allowing you to easily check where you are on the pay scales). However, you can contact the Personnel and Projects Administrator to check what grade and scale point you are on, when you are due to increment up the scale, and to obtain written proof of your pay for official purposes (for example for a mortgage application).

The University's pay scales are published at along with information on pay policies and arrangements.

Academic, Academic-related and Research staff generally increment by one scale point on the anniversary of appointment, whilst Assistant staff generally increment on the 1st July, irrespective of their start date. Certain staff have specific terms relating to their pay (for example, some temporary cover posts and research fellowships have a fixed scale point, meaning annual progression does not apply). Any such deviation from the standard incremental arrangement will be detailed on your offer letter and in your contract.


Certain categories of staff can apply for progression to higher salary scales (those marked with an asterisk on the 'Annual salaries' section on the Salary Scales page) or for promotion to higher grades. This may be through annual promotion or reward schemes, such as the Senior Academic Promotions scheme for Academic staff, the Contribution Rewards Scheme for Assistant and Academic-related staff, or the Research Contribution Exercise for Research staff. You will be notified in advance of the respective scheme opening if you are eligible for such a scheme.