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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


You and your role

Role Profiles

The scope and remit of your role is defined within the Role Profile.

Assistant and Academic-related staff

For staff in the Assistant category (clerical/secretarial) and most Academic-related staff (non-teaching), you will have a specific and often very detailed Role Profile, with areas of responsibility clearly outlined with duties listed within each area and a percentage to reflect the proportion of your time spent on that area. You will have seen the Role Profile in a slightly different format when the post was advertised, as a Further Information document. When you meet with your line manager or supervisor, you will be provided with the full Role Profile (which contains some additional information that is not available in the Further Information document).

Academic and Research Staff

For Academic staff (sometimes referred to as ‘UTOs’, which stands for University Teaching Officers) and Research staff (sometimes called Contract research staff), you will not have a Role Description that is as detailed as that provided to non-academic staff. Instead, the University has standard Role Profiles which outline the responsibilities that all lecturers and researchers would be expected to undertake. These are listed in quite broad terms (such as ‘Teaching’, ‘Research – publications’ and ‘Research and scholarship’), with descriptions of the main duties within each area (for example ‘writing lecture material and handouts and presenting information in lectures’ or ‘develop research objectives and proposals for own or joint research’).

Your line manager or supervisor will be able to provide you with your generic Role Profile. You can also obtain it from the University's Pay and Grading pages. The nature and scope of your role will be based on a combination of this broad Role Profile, the Further Particulars that were made available at the time the post was advertised, and detailed discussions that will take place with your supervisor (which may result in your duties or priorities evolving over time).