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Brexit in Focus

Brexit in Focus

This series of articles explores the repercussions of the UK's decision to leave the European Union, and considers the important role that languages play in modern Britain.


One year on, the former Vice-Chancellor reflects on Brexit:

"Academics around the world engage very strongly with ideas that do not recognize the conventional international boundaries that exist. Ideas flow around the world in a truly global and international sense. That means that to continue to attract the very best talent from around the world to work here in Cambridge is an essential part for us to remain at the forefront of that traffic of ideas. So being able to recruit from the European Union and from elsewhere in the world easily and openly in a country that is welcoming, that will help secure not just Cambridge’s competitiveness but the United Kingdom’s competitiveness." 

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The University has published a series of frequently asked questions for staff and students in response to the referendum result. This can be accessed at

The government has also updated its advice for EU citizens currently living in the UK.