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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


The Ninth Cambridge Conference on Language Endangerment

The main aim of language revitalisation is to set an endangered language back ‘on its feet’. Revitalisation strategies may be developed and implemented by linguists, the State, language activists and the speakers themselves. This conference invites papers on issues relevant to language revitalisation.

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Happy End

Picturing Austrian Cinema Symposium

Michael Haneke, the director of the Vienna Film Academy, will be attending a special showing of his latest film Happy End at the Arts Picturehouse Cinema in Cambridge on 23rd September. The public Q&A with him will be led by Frederick Baker, Laura McMahon and J.D. Rhodes.

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Reich book

'State of Madness': Dr Rebecca Reich discusses her new book on Psychiatry, Literature, and Dissent after Stalin

Dr Rebecca Reich has discussed her new book, 'State of Madness: Psychiatry, Literature, and Dissent After Stalin', with Kimberly St. Julian-Varnon of the New Books in Russian & Eurasian Studies podcast.

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Dr Calbert Graham awarded grant from the Daiwa Foundation

Dr Calbert Graham has been awarded a grant from the Daiwa Foundation to pursue a project in machine learning for speech technology with collaborators in Japan.

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The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement

The Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement to be launched in October 2018

Information on the launch and first workshop of the University's new Centre for the Study of Global Human Movement.

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British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships 2018

Please note that the deadline for applications for British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowships has now passed.

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Learning Together, HMP Whitemoor

Drs Emma Gilby and John Leigh (French) will both be sharing their research interests this summer at Her Majesty's Prison, Whitemoor, in a 'Big Ideas' seminar series.

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Stephen Spender Prize 2018

The Stephen Spender Prize for poetry in translation

Entrants are invited to submit an English translation of a published poem from any language, ancient or modern.

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Leverhulme Early Career Postdoctoral Fellowships 2018

The Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages welcomes applications from potential applicants for the Leverhulme Early Career Postdoctoral Fellowship Scheme 2018.

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Calling all MML Students

Support outreach activities and language learning by becoming a Language Ambassador! Help us motivate school pupils by sharing your own experiences of learning languages at school and university. This programme is extremely fulfilling and a great addition to your CV.

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