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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Learning Together, HMP Whitemoor

Drs Emma Gilby and John Leigh (French) will both be sharing their research interests this summer at Her Majesty's Prison, Whitemoor, in a 'Big Ideas' seminar series.

As part of the Learning Together initiative, which is led by the University of Cambridge and builds communities of learning between higher education and criminal justice institutions, a 'Big Ideas' seminar series has been organised at HMP Whitemoor. Each month, a Cambridge academic has been invited to share their research interests to generate discussion and introduce students in Whitemoor to a broadened range of academic ideas and disciplines. The series is intended to deepen and broaden the University's existing educational partnership working with Whitemoor, building upon the success of Learning Together's philosophy and ethics and creative writing programmes.

For further information about the series, or about Learning Together more broadly, please contact its Directors, Drs Amy Ludlow and Ruth Armstrong on You can also read more about Learning Together through the initiative's blog ( and Twitter (@JustisTogether).