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Gdansk Cranes

Cambridge Polish Studies is a pilot initiative of the Department of Slavonic Studies, launched with the kind support of the following donors:


The Foundation for Polish Science (FNP)


The M. B. Grabowski Fund


Trinity College's Zdanowich Fund


The project is initially planned for four years, forming the first step towards the aim of establishing a permanently endowed programme of Polish Studies at Cambridge, together with an enhanced inter-university network of Polish Studies in the United Kingdom.


We are actively seeking major donors to secure the long-term future of Cambridge Polish Studies.


Latest News and Events

New Research on Bruno Schulz under the Soviet Occupation

9 August 2018

University Lecturer in Polish Studies Dr Stanley Bill has published new research on the survival strategies of Polish-Jewish writer and artist Bruno Schulz (1892-1942) under the Soviet occupation of eastern Poland during the Second World War.

Warsaw Rising Museum: Paweł Ukielski

21 May 2018

Deputy Director of the Warsaw Rising Museum, Dr Paweł Ukielski, will discuss his involvement with the Museum from its establishment in 2004 to the present, while also commenting on larger trends in Polish perceptions of the nation’s past in the years since 1989.

Lecturer in Polish Studies Stanley Bill wins Teaching Award

3 May 2018

Lecturer in Polish Studies Dr Stanley Bill has won the 2018 award for Outstanding Lecturer in the Annual Student-Led Teaching Awards organised by the Cambridge University Student Union (CUSU), which is the representative body for all students in the University.

The New Geopolitics of Eastern Europe

24 April 2018

This discussion brings together four experts on different parts of Central and Eastern Europe to explore the political impact on the region of three of the major international crises of the current time - the fracturing of the European Union, the New Cold War with Russia and the outbreak of conflict in the Middle East.

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