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Polish News and Events


Our lecturer Stanley Bill in London: Celebrating Czesław Miłosz

Join Czeslaw Milosz biographer Andrzej Franaszek and translators Aleksandra Parker, Michael Parker and Stanley Bill (Lecturer in Polish Studies at the University of Cambridge) for an evening in celebration of Czeslaw Milosz—the great Polish poet and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1980 – to coincide with the publication of two extraordinary new books published in English for the first time.

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Dorota Masłowska: Polish Literary Sensation

Cambridge Polish Studies welcomes eminent Polish novelist Dorota Masłowska to Sidney Sussex College for an evening of readings from her work (in English and Polish) and discussion. The discussion will be led by Dr Stanley Bill, Lecturer in Polish Studies at the University of Cambridge, together with noted translator of Polish literature Antonia Lloyd-Jones.

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Radosław Sikorski vs Andrzej Nowak: A Debate on Foreign Policy

As part of the 10th Congress of Polish Student Societies in the UK, Cambridge Polish Studies hosted a special debate between former Polish Foreign Minister Radosław Sikorski and Professor Andrzej Nowak on the subject of Polish foreign policy. The debate was moderated by Dr Stanley Bill , Lecturer in Polish Studies at the University of Cambridge.

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Warsaw '44: A Film Screening with Director Jan Komasa

Cambridge Polish Studies and Polish Waves on Cambridge 105 presented a special "Kinoteka" screening of Jan Komasa's 2014 film Warsaw '44 ( Miasto 44 ) featuring a discussion with the director. The film tells the tragic story of the Warsaw Uprising of 1944 against the German Nazi Occupation.

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Polish Political Thought in the 20th Century and Today

An international conference ranging across disciplines, including historical, political, cultural, sociological and philosophical perspectives on original Polish contributions to the history of political ideas from the beginning of the twentieth century to the present.

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After Brexit: The Future of Poles in Britain

After the result of the June referendum on Britain's membership of the European Union, the future of free movement between the UK and the rest of Europe has been thrown into doubt. In this challenging time, Cambridge Polish Studies hosts a panel discussion on the future of the thriving Polish community in the UK.

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Jewish Life in Poland Today

A new generation of Jewish leaders from Poland and beyond are reinvigorating the Jewish communities in Polish cities like Kraków and Warsaw. Poland’s contemporary Jewish communities are vibrant and diverse, while “Jewishness” itself can mean a great many different things to different people. Join us for a fascinating discussion of Jewish life in contemporary Poland from a range of different perspectives.

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Cambridge Festival of Ideas: The Virtual Chopin

As part of the Cambridge Festival of Ideas, Professor John Rink describes a dynamic digital resource allowing pianists to vary their performances by drawing from the multiple versions of Fryderyk Chopin's works.

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Our students in Poland

This summer seven of our students spent time at Polish universities on intensive courses in Polish language and culture. Read their reflections on their Polish experiences.

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People Power: Polish Solidarity and the Ukrainian Revolution

Cambridge Polish Studies and Cambridge Ukrainian Studies presented a public symposium on the connections between two popular revolutions in Central and Eastern Europe: the Polish "Solidarity" revolution of the 1980s and the "Maidan" movements of post-1991 independent Ukraine.

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Latest News and Events

Warsaw Rising Museum: Paweł Ukielski

21 May 2018

Deputy Director of the Warsaw Rising Museum, Dr Paweł Ukielski, will discuss his involvement with the Museum from its establishment in 2004 to the present, while also commenting on larger trends in Polish perceptions of the nation’s past in the years since 1989.

The New Geopolitics of Eastern Europe

24 April 2018

This discussion brings together four experts on different parts of Central and Eastern Europe to explore the political impact on the region of three of the major international crises of the current time - the fracturing of the European Union, the New Cold War with Russia and the outbreak of conflict in the Middle East.

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