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Polish News and Events

Next Step

Next Step: Poland

Cambridge Polish Studies is proud to be a partner - for the second year - of "Next Step: Poland", an event organised by the Cambridge University Polish Society. "Next Step: Poland" is a student-led initiative, which aims to promote career and internship opportunities in Poland. The event’s main goal is to tighten collaboration between Polish students in the UK and employers in Poland.

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Are Poles at Home in Britain?: A Public Forum on Immigration

In this public forum, we will discuss various aspects of the current situation for Poles living in the UK, examining the triumphs and challenges of the last ten years, before looking to the uncertain future. What have Poles brought to British culture? What prompted them to migrate? How many wish to return? What kind of discrimination do they face? How do the British view Poles? What effect has migration had in Poland? How do Poles understand the current refugee crisis in Europe?

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M. B. Grabowski Symposium: Norman Davies on the Army of General Anders

The M. B. Grabowski Symposium with Professor Norman Davies at the William Mong Hall, Sidney Sussex College, University of Cambridge on 27 October 2015 from 6:30pm. Professor Davies presented a talk entitled 'The Army of General Anders: Legions from a Lost World'. The talk was followed by questions and discussion on Anders' Army and its legacy.

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Polish Beginners Class

Record Enrolment for Open Classes in Polish

The innovative course in Polish Studies offered by the Department of Slavonic Studies is among the most popular in the entire Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages at the University of Cambridge. This year the Department’s open classes in the Polish language have also seen record enrolments. These Polish classes are free and open to all members of the University of Cambridge. They are made possible with the kind support of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in London.

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pol&ukr flag

Past as Prelude: Polish-Ukrainian Relations for the Twenty-First Century

An international conference bringing together a diverse group of historians, political scientists, public intellectuals and social activists from Poland, Ukraine, the US and the UK to discuss the positive opportunities for the future of Polish-Ukrainian relations in the context of the more difficult questions from the past.

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Life on the Margins: Bruno Schulz and the Hasidic Kabbalah

Eminent Polish philosopher Professor Agata Bielik-Robson presented the works of the Polish-Jewish writer Bruno Schulz (1892-1942) in the context of Hasidism and the Kabbalah.

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Jagiellonian Lecture: Dr Stanley Bill at the Polish Embassy, London

Jagiellonian Lecture at the Polish Embassy, London 28 May 2015 Dr Stanley Bill, Lecturer in Polish Studies, delivered a lecture entitled 'Distinctive Voices: Polish Culture in the World' as part of the Jagiellonian Lecture series organised by the Jagiellonian University's Polish Research Centre in London. The lecture was...

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Adam Zagajewski: An Evening of Poetry

Adam Zagajewski, Poland's greatest living poet, joined Cambridge Polish Studies at Trinity College for an evening of his poetry. Zagajewski read a selection of poems, followed by discussion and audience questions.

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Lucas Hitchens

Between Russia and Germany: Poland and the Shifting European Order

A discussion of Poland’s new role in Europe and the shifting nature of German-Russian relations with Edward Lucas, Senior Editor at The Economist , and Peter Hitchens, columnist for The Mail on Sunday .

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The Spy who Loved: A Talk with Clare Mulley

Cambridge University Polish Society and Cambridge Polish Studies warmly invite you to a talk by award-winning author Clare Mulley on her biography of Polish wartime spy Krystyna Skarbek.

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Latest News and Events

Special event for 100 years since the regaining of Polish independence

15 November 2018

On the 100th anniversary of the regaining of Poland's independence on 11 November 1918, Cambridge Polish Studies is proud to host a very special event to commemorate, discuss and celebrate this historic occasion.

Visiting scholar from University of Warsaw

1 October 2018

In Michaelmas Term (beginning in October) 2018, Professor Paweł Stępień of the University of Warsaw will join Cambridge Polish Studies as a visiting scholar. He will give a series of lectures on Polish literature and culture across the term. He will also be a visiting scholar at Sidney Sussex College.

Cambridge students at the University of Warsaw

1 September 2018

In summer 2018, thanks to the generous support of the University of Warsaw, two Cambridge students spent three weeks in the Polish capital taking an intensive course in Polish language and culture.

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