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Katie Sykes

katie sykes


Newnham College

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I am currently researching constructions of religious difference, particularly perceived differences between the Christianity of Rus and the Christianity of the 'Latin' West, in texts from early Rus (c. 988-1300). The past few decades have seen a great deal of interest both in the construction of collective identities in medieval narrative texts and in the rhetorical strategies of these texts. My research draws on these trends to provide readings of a number of Old East Slavonic texts (chronicles, canon law, hagiography, etc.) which emphasise their portrayal of difference between Rus Christians and religious 'others' ('Latins', 'pagans', etc.).

Although I primarily work with Old East Slavonic texts, my broader research interests span medieval religions, cultures and languages. My work to date has focused primarily on the evolution of Christian concepts in the texts of early Rus.

Conference Papers:

  • 'The Evolution of Late Antique Hagiographical Motifs in a Medieval Kievan Patericon', at the Oxford University Byzantine Society International Graduate Conference, February 2015
  • 'Sickness and Sanctity: The Ill Monk in the Kievan Patericon of the Caves Monastery', Nottingham University Slavonic Studies Department Postgraduate Work-in-Progress Seminar, May 2014

Languages (in addition to English)

Old Slavonic, Russian, French

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