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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Year Abroad Project Tripos 2018

The Year Abroad Project, 2018 (for those on their Year Abroad in 2016-17)

More information about the Year Abroad can be found on the Year Abroad Office pages.

The Year Abroad Project Handbook 2018 can be accessed here. Information will also be made available in the Year Abroad Project section of the Year Abroad Moodle site. You might also find the page on Learning Resources useful.

The key dates for students on their Year Abroad in 2016-17 for the YAP are:

Stage Year Abroad Project Deadline
1 Submission of proposed subject area. Friday 6 May 2016
2 Submitting a clearly defined subject area for your project (including submission of a statement of the project rationale and the appropriate project registration form). Monday 13 February 2017
3 Latest date by which you must have applied for approval to revise your choice of subject area and/or type of project (which would require completion of a new project registration form). Friday 9 June 2017
4 Submission of YAP. Friday 6 October 2017 (by no later than 4pm)