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German and Dutch


PhD Students in the Department

Current and recent research students

Name College Research Topic Supervisor
Heide Baumann Lucy Cavendish Public and personal female identity narratives in Germany and Britain: Stories we tell to ourselves and of ourselves.  Prof Sarah Colvin
Jennifer Caisley Peterhouse Reading Goethe's literary works in conjunction with his scientific writings. Dr Charlotte Lee
Emma Corteen Trinity Hall The assignment of grammatical gender in German. Dr Sheila Watts
Nicholas Courtman Jesus Time for Work: Ideologies, Histories and Representations of Work and Labour in German-language Literature since the 'Strukturbruch' Prof Andrew Webber

Robert Craig

Trinity Hall

Science, Nature, and the Self in the work of Alfred Döblin and Robert Musil.

Prof David Midgley

Thomas Crew St Edmund's The effects of an increasingly ubiquitous 'culture industry' on human consciousness, as articulated and anticipated by Adorno, Heidegger, and modern dystopian novels, and their attempts to explain, resist and overcome them. Dr Martin Ruehl
Rafael Dernbach King's How classical documentary methods have been appropriated by fictional formats and documentary filmmakers react to it.  Prof Andrew Webber
Polly Dickson Wolfson A comparative study into 'stuff' - things, objects, matter - in the works of E. T. A. Hoffmann and Honoré de Balzac. Prof Andrew Webber and Dr Nicholas White
Allison Jones Churchill Philosophy as political resistance in modern german social movements. Dr Martin Ruehl
Maria Khan St Edmund's The social identity of Turkish-German secondary school students in Berlin through an encounter with Goethe’s Faust. Dr Charlotte Lee
Justine Kolata Hughes Hall Jurgen Habermas's aesthetics Dr Martin Ruehl
Laura Langone Trinity Hall German Buddhism from Schopenhauer to Nietzsche Dr Martin Ruehl
Judith Lebiez King's The Birth Complex in Nietzsche and Wagner  Prof Andrew Webber
Ina Linge King's Accounts of the Self: A hopeful deconstruction of selfhood in the context of German sexology and psychoanalysis (1900-1930). Prof Andrew Webber
Clara Maier Clare Romanticism and the Sonderweg thesis. A study of the historiography and political theory of the 20th century from Thomas Mann to Isaiah Berlin. Dr Martin Ruehl
Melina Mandelbaum King's

The Fictional Bürger: Citizenship in the German Novel

Prof Sarah Colvin
Anat Messing Marcus Trinity Hall

Spatialisation of Time: Temporalisation of Space: Architectural images and figures of ruins. 

Prof Andrew Webber
Andrew Presti Wolfson The German Heraclitus: A Reassessment of the Life and Thought of Oswald Spengler. Prof Joachim Whaley
Christoph Pretzer Corpus Christi The function of fictional elements in medieval chronicles. Dr Mark Chinca

Nina Rismal

Robinson The Spirit of Utopia: Visions of Post-Capitalism in the early Frankfurt School. Personal website Dr Martin Ruehl
Symala Roberts Jesus Music and Sound in German Modernism Dr Charlotte Lee
Pavlo Shopin Clare Metaphors for language and creative writing in Herta Müller. Prof Sarah Colvin
Margarete Tiessen Magdalene German Literary Publishers and National Re-Orientation in the Twentieth Century: Samuel Fischer and his successors Prof Joachim Whaley
Isabelle Zirden Clare Hall Contradictions of the 'I': The critique of capitalism, feminist selfhood and authorship in post-2000 plays by Jelinek and Röggla Prof Sarah Colvin


Latest News

Reading by Karl-Heinz Ott - 7 March, 5.15pm - The Parlour, Magdalene College

15 February 2019

7 March 2019, 5.15-6.30pm The Parlour, Magdalene College German author and playwright Karl-Heinz Ott will read from his latest novel Und jeden Morgen das Meer in Magdalene College at 5.15pm on 7 March 2019. The reading will be chaired by Department member Annja Neumann, who has a special interest in contemporary literature...

"You say you want a revolution?" - The Schröder and DAAD Hub Lecture

14 February 2019

Tickets are now available for the Schröder and DAAD Hub Lecture, to be held on Friday 3 May 2019 at Frankopan Hall, Jesus College West Court

Cambridge Undergraduate Conference in German Studies 2019

5 February 2019

The programme for the 2019 Cambridge Undergraduate Conference in German Studies is now available.

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