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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Staff in Italian

Staff in Italian

The list below links to details about every member of staff in Italian.

For details about others in the Faculty, see How to Contact us for general enquiries, or the full Faculty Staff List for specific individuals.


Academic Staff

Name Role Email Phone

Brundin, Dr Abigail

Director of Italian Section

Co-Chair of the MML Faculty

Reader in Early Modern Literature and Culture (3) 38305
Ledgeway, Prof Adam

Co-Chair of the MML Faculty

Professor of Italian and Romance Linguisics (3) 35048
Gordon, Prof Robert Professor of Modern Italian Culture

(3) 35426

(3) 35046

Antonello, Dr Pierpaolo

Reader in Modern Italian Literature and Culture

(on sabbatical leave until Easter 2019) (3) 35038
Domenici, Dott. Claudia Senior Language Teaching Officer (3) 35035
Rhodes, Dr John David University Lecturer in Film (3) 39391
Sanson, Dr Helena Reader in Italian Language, Literature and Culture

(3) 33204

(3) 35046

Webb, Dr Heather Reader in Medieval Italian Literature and Culture (3) 35852
Kirkpatrick, Prof Robin Emeritus Professor of Italian (3) 39151
Baranski, Prof Zygmunt G Emeritus Professor of Italian (3) 35038
Boyde, Prof Patrick Emeritus Professor of Italian (3) 38748


Affiliated Lecturers

Name Role Email Phone
Brown, Dott. Cristiana Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35038
Cavalli, Dott. Lucia Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35038
Davey, Dott. Emanuela Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35038
Chester, Dr Ruth Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35038
Andriani, Dr Luigi Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35038


Research Staff

Name Role Email Phone
Delmedico, Dr Sara MHRA Research Fellow  
Mavrogiorgos, Dr Marios Marie Skłodowska-Curie Post Doctoral Research Fellow (7) 67354
Philips-Robins, Dr Helena

CRASSH/British School at Rome Fellow 2017-18

Affiliated Lecturer (3) 35038
Schifano, Dr Norma Research Associate, Fading Voices project (7) 63060
Silvestri,Dr Giuseppina

Research Associate, Fading Voices project (7) 63060
Trzeciak Cygan, Dr Małgorzata 

Newton International Fellow (British Academy) (3) 35038


Section Lecturers

Name Role Email Phone
Papworth, Ms Amelia Lecturer, Supervisor (3) 35038
Powlesland, Dr Katherine Lecturer, Supervisor (3) 35038
Moll, Mr Carlo Lecturer, Supervisor (3) 35038
Paoli, Dr Caterina Lecturer, Supervisor (3) 35038
Boria, Ms Monica Lecturer, Supervisor (3) 35038



Name Role Email Phone
Sam Oliver

Section Coordinator (7) 67354