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Current Doctoral Students in French

Name College Research Topic Supervisor
Zoi Angeli Lucy Cavendish The intersection of literature and reality in the theoretical works of Blanchot and Bataille Dr Ian James
Anthony Bruder King's Medievalism and the vernacular in Claude Fauchet Dr Timothy Chesters
Kathryn Bryan Lucy Cavendish 'l'anormale par excellence': Bad Mothers from nineteenth-century French fiction Prof Nick White
Jasmine Cooper Newnham The (In)Voluntarily Childless Subject in Contemporary French Female Literature Prof Emma Wilson
Celia Depommier-Cotton Newnham Stendhal and stereotypes  Dr Miranda Gill
Emily Fitzell Trinity

The aesthetics of movement in the space of art [20th - 21st c.]

Dr Ian James
Carl Frayne St John's The Exiled French Regular Clergy in Great Britain (1881 - 1921) Dr Ian James
Ashwiny Kistnareddy Lucy Cavendish Masculinities in Contemporary Francophone Migrant Women’s Writing in France and Canada’ Prof Emma Wilson
Mathias Le Gargasson Clare Hall  Valéry's Cahiers, Bataille and Laruelle : heresies of the impossible Dr Ian James
Solange Manche King's The Brain, Technics, and Desire: The Resurgence of a Critique of Political Economy in Contemporary French Thought Dr Ian James
Jezebel Mansell Darwin Performances of loss by contemporary female artists, filmmakers, and writers Prof Emma Wilson
Anna-Lisa Nicholson Corpus Christi Reconstructing the Mazarin Salon: French Exilic Communities in Early Modern London Prof Nick Hammond
Cillian Ó Fathaigh John's Rights of Asylum (Derrida) Dr Martin Crowley
Lili Owen Rowlands Murray Edwards Genre Trouble: ‘Autotheory’ and the Queer/Gendered Self in Contemporary French LifeWriting Prof Emma Wilson
Marina Perkins Jesus "'Les parolles; non plus de vent, ains de chair et d'os’ [words, no more of air, but of flesh
and bone]: The Force of Language in Montaigne"
Dr Timothy Chesters
Katherine Pleming Caius PhD on Marguerite Duras and Gilles Deleuze Dr Laura McMahon
Alice Roulliere Trinity Hall The representation of ghosts in Ronsard's poetry Dr Timothy Chesters
Andrew Sackin-Poll Trinity Hall The Resistance of the Image Dr Ian James
Luke Warde Trinity Hall

Of (un)Sound Mind':Louis-Ferdinand Céline and Antipathetic Intimacies between Text and Reader

Dr Martin Crowley
Aubrae Wilson St Catherine's The Rococo and Female Ascendency: An Exploration of Architectural Symbolism and
Feminine Power in Eighteenth-Century France
Dr Mark Darlow 


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