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Part II

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Section D

For students following the Linguistics Tripos in Part I, you should choose a total of four papers from Section C and Section D.

For students following another Tripos at Part 1, you must take four papers, comprising of:

  • Paper Li.1 - Sounds and words †
  • Paper Li.2 - Structures and meanings †
  • TWO papers to be chosen from Section C and Section D

† If this paper has already been taken in another tripos it cannot be taken again and another paper must be chosen from Sections C and D.

Section D (Part IIA and IIB Borrowed Papers) for 2016-17

  • 20 - The Language of Italy (Paper It.10 of the MML Tripos)
  • 21 - The Hispanic Languages (Paper Sp.11 of the MML Tripos)
  • 22 - Aspects of the History of the German Language (Paper Ge.11 of the MML Tripos)
  • 23 - The History of the Russian Language (Paper SL.8 of the MML Tripos)
  • 24 - The History and Structure of Modern Greek (Paper Gr.7 of the MML Tripos)
  • 25 - The Romance Languages (Paper CS1 of the MML Tripos)
  • 26 - The Slavonic Languages (Paper CS3 of the MML Tripos)
  • 27 - Celtic Philology (Paper 12 of the ASNC Tripos Part II)
  • 28 - Elements of Comparative Linguistics (Paper E1 of Part II the Classics Tripos)
  • 29 - The Greek Language (Paper E2 of Part II of the Classics Tripos)
  • 30 - The Latin Language (Paper E3 of Part II of the Classics Tripos)
  • 31 - Germanic Philology (Paper 11 of Part II of the ASNC Tripos)
  • 32 - Cognitive Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology (Paper 4 of Part II of the PBS Tripos)
  • 33: The French Language: Variation and Change (Paper Fr. 13 of Part II of the MML Tripos)

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Latest News

6th Cambridge Comparative Syntax conference (CamCoS 6) to take place 4-6 May 2017

10 February 2017

The two and a half day conference will take place in Cambridge 4–6 May 2017 . The first half-day will feature talks by Cambridge-based researchers, focusing in particular on the major results of the ReCoS project. This will be followed by a full-day general session on comparative generative syntax. The final day of the...

Radical Pragmatics Forty Years On: Workshop with Professor Jay Atlas

26 January 2017

Radical Pragmatics Forty Years On: Workshop with Professor Jay Atlas Friday 17 March 2017, Lucia Windsor Room, Newnham College Organiser: Professor Kasia M. Jaszczolt ( ) Sponsored by Newnham College and the Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics The workshop, lunch and drinks reception are free...

Cambridge Linguistics Forum Programme Lent 2017

23 January 2017

Please find below the Cambridge Linguistics Forum talks for Lent term 2017. The programme is also downloadable here . January 19th Dr Mareike Keller (University of Manheim) Morphological characteristics of Medieval Code Switching Venue: GR06/07, English Faculty Building January 26th Dr Michael Ramscar (Eberhard Karls...