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Part II

Department of Theoretical and Applied Linguistics


Section D

For students following the Linguistics Tripos in Part I, you should choose a total of four papers from Section C and Section D.

For students following another Tripos at Part 1, you must take four papers, comprising of:

  • Paper Li.1 - Sounds and words †
  • Paper Li.2 - Structures and meanings †
  • TWO papers to be chosen from Section C and Section D

† If this paper has already been taken in another tripos it cannot be taken again and another paper must be chosen from Sections C and D.

Section D (Part IIA and IIB Borrowed Papers) for 2016-17

  • 20 - The Language of Italy (Paper It.10 of the MML Tripos)
  • 21 - The Hispanic Languages (Paper Sp.11 of the MML Tripos)
  • 22 - Aspects of the History of the German Language (Paper Ge.11 of the MML Tripos)
  • 23 - The History of the Russian Language (Paper SL.8 of the MML Tripos)
  • 24 - The History and Structure of Modern Greek (Paper Gr.7 of the MML Tripos)
  • 25 - The Romance Languages (Paper CS1 of the MML Tripos)
  • 26 - The Slavonic Languages (Paper CS3 of the MML Tripos)
  • 27 - Celtic Philology (Paper 12 of the ASNC Tripos Part II)
  • 28 - Elements of Comparative Linguistics (Paper E1 of Part II the Classics Tripos)
  • 29 - The Greek Language (Paper E2 of Part II of the Classics Tripos)
  • 30 - The Latin Language (Paper E3 of Part II of the Classics Tripos)
  • 31 - Germanic Philology (Paper 11 of Part II of the ASNC Tripos)
  • 32 - Cognitive Neuroscience and Experimental Psychology (Paper 4 of Part II of the PBS Tripos)
  • 33: The French Language: Variation and Change (Paper Fr. 13 of Part II of the MML Tripos)