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Applying to MML

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General information on applying/funding deadlines

All applications must be made via the online application form (Applicant Portal) available on the Graduate Admissions Office website.

It is important that you read through the information available on the Graduate Admissions Office website before submitting your application.

If you are seeking funding for your course, there are specific deadlines and eligibility criteria for each funding competition. Please check the Funding and Funding Deadlines section of the Graduate Admissions Office website for application deadlines and links to funding information. 

The final deadline for applicants seeking funding is 4 January 2018.  Earlier deadlines will apply if you are a US applicant living in the US.  We recommend that applicants prepare their supporting documentation and apply well in advance of the final deadlines.  

Even if you are not seeking funding, we strongly recommend that you submit your application before 4 January 2018, as no applications will be accepted once programmes are full.

If places are still available on programmes beyond this deadline; self-funded applicants will continue to be considered until the final deadline of 31 May 2018.

Please note that funding from Cambridge is highly competitive.  Approximately two thirds of our MPhil students are self funded (including those with loans).


For entry in 2018/19

Application deadline Funding competition
12 October 2017 Gates US (for US citizens resident in the US)
4 January 2018 Gates International and Cambridge Trust (all other US citizens and non-EU applicants)
4 January 2018 AHRC, ESRC, CEELBASWolfson, Cambridge Trust  (Home and EU applicants)


Other Funding information

Cambridge Funding Search

Jebb Fund (PhD)

Gibson Spanish Scholarship (PhD) 

Santander Hispanic and Lusophone MPhil Scholarships

External funding

UK/EU Student Loans

Sykes Postgraduate Research Studentships in Italian

For more detailed information on applying, please click on the relevant links on the left hand menu.