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Research in German and Dutch

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Babelotzky, Gregor

Gregor Babelotzky's research interests lie primarily in the area of German literature from the 18th century to modernism, with a special interest in historical-critical editing.

Chinca, Dr Mark

Mark Chinca's research spans several areas of medieval and early modern German literature in its comparative context: aesthetics and poetics; theory of fiction; ars moriendi; devotional and pastoral writing, especially relating to the Last Things; early Middle High German literature; text editing; the Kaiserchronik.

Colvin, Prof Sarah

Sarah Colvin's research interests are in the areas of narrative theory and practice; cognitive and ethical approaches to literature; women’s writing and prisoner narratives; and writing and (political) violence. Her current research is on narratives by prisoners and the use and functions of arts in prisons, and she is a steering committee member for the National Criminal Justice Arts Alliance (NCJAA).


de Vincent-Humphreys, Dr Maren

Maren de Vincent-Humphreys' interests lay in the areas of psychology of language learning and the influence of language, specifically second language, on identity.

Guthrie, Dr John

John Guthrie works on German literature, thought and culture from the eighteenth century to the present day, Anglo-German literary relations in the eighteenth, nineteenth and twentieth centuries, German aesthetics and literary criticism, German drama and theatre, and translation and adaptation.


Hunter, Dr Helen

Helen Hunter's research focuses on intertextual networks and the evolution of literary motifs. Her doctoral thesis compared uses of biblical imagery in the Middle High German Gregorius and its 20th century counterparts. Her current work on the Kaiserchronik traces the variants of that text across its c. 350 year transmission, its textual influences and legacy.


Karcher, Dr Katharina

Katharina Karcher's research focuses on protest movements, political extremism and violence in contemporary Germany. She is interested in gender theory and feminist thought, the relationship of violence and political subjectivity, and in theories of social change. Among other topics, she has published on the history of feminist ideas and practices, left-wing violence and terrorism.


Kolkenbrock, Dr Marie

Marie Kolkenbrock is currently working on a scholarly biography of the Viennese Modernist Arthur Schnitzler. Marie’s PhD (Cambridge 2014) explored a conceptual and structural link between the belief in the higher power of destiny and stereotypes of Jewishness, madness, blackness, and femininity in prose texts by Arthur Schnitzler. Her general research interests are literature and psychoanalysis, sociology of literature, Race and Gender Studies, cultural history of science, history and theory of biography.

Künzl-Snodgrass, Annemarie

Annemarie Künzl-Snodgrass teaches the German language at all levels in the department of German & Dutch and has special interests in the teaching of ab initio German and advanced translation, lectures on Landeskunde topics, and the development of online language teaching materials.

Lee, Dr Charlotte

Charlotte Lee specialises in German literature and thought. Her first book was on Goethe, and her current project looks at the role of movement in the work of a range of poets.

Mentchen, Ms Silke

Silke Mentchen develops teaching material for German. She has developed on-line material, both for the Faculty’s teaching of translation (see here), and for potential students of languages, see here for examples:  German modules for HE+ and German modules for multikultura, and Just-in-Time Grammar, as well as on-line A2- and AS level material for Villiers Park. Together with a colleague, she has published Upgrade Your German, a German grammar exercise book, and articles on the methodology and pedagogy on-line resources, see here and here.


Neumann, Dr Annja

Annja Neumann works on literature and medicine in Modern German literature. Her research explores Medical Humanities and Digital Humanities through Literary Studies and is closely linked to the digital critical edition of Arthur Schnitzler’s middle period works. She is particularly interested in interrelations between medical topographies and poetics of doctor-writers. The conjunction between body and textuality also defines her research on 20th century poetry.

Ruprecht, Dr Lucia

Lucia Ruprecht is researching across literature, dance, and film studies, from around 1800 to the 21st century. She has specific interests in theories of subjectivity, the relationship between performance and discourse, virtuosity as a cultural paradigm, cultures of gesture, and new theoretical approaches to dance historiography.

Watts, Dr Sheila

Sheila Watts researches the historical linguistics of German and the older Germanic languages, particularly Gothic, Old High German and Old Saxon. She also works on historical morphology, syntax, language stability and change.

Webber, Prof Andrew J.

Andrew J. Webber’s research covers a wide range of textual and visual culture over the modern period. He has particular interests in questions of identity and place, in relationships between literature, film and other media, and in cultural theory.

Weiss-Sussex, Dr Godela

Godela Weiss-Sussex's research interests lie in German-Jewish Writing by women as a minor literature, and consumerism and modernity in German literature of the 20th century.

Whaley, Prof Joachim, FBA

Joachim Whaley's research so far has concentrated on the history of the Holy Roman Empire in the early modern period. He has also written extensively on the German Enlightenment and its legacy in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Further fields of interest on which he has published regularly are the question of German identity since the fifteenth century, the German memory of the Reformation from the sixteenth century to the present and the historiography of medieval and early modern German history in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. He is currently working on a larger project that will survey the history of German-speaking Europe from the Middle Ages to the present day.

Young, Prof Christopher

Chris Young has dual research expertise in medieval German literature and language (primarily of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries) and in the history of sport in modern Germany and Europe (including its mediatization in the early twentieth century).

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