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Modern & Medieval Languages


library and call

MML includes a number of resources for the use of the Faculty as whole, not related to any particular department. These facilities are based in the Raised Faculty Building on the Sidgwick site. Further, our students and staff also make extensive use of the University's Language Centre and Careers Service.

Computing Facilities

The Raised Faculty Building houses three separate computing facilities for members of MML, located in the Library, the CALL Facility and Graduate Centre. All the computers in these rooms are part of the Public Workstation Facility and provide students and staff with access to PWF PCs and local black and white laser printers.

Computing Support

Computing support for members of MML in the Raised Faculty Building is provided by the Faculty's IT Support Services. All their contact details, together with information on the support and services they provide, is available on their webpages.

Year Abroad Office

The Year Abroad, spent in work and study overseas, is the third year of the MML Tripos course. The Year Abroad Office assists students in preparation for the this year.

University Language Centre

The University's Language Centre offers an extensive range resources language-learning resources suitable for both the general needs of non-specialists throughout the University as well as the Faculty's specialist learners.

University Careers Service

The Careers Service provides careers advice and information to all current University of Cambridge undergraduate and postgraduate students. They also see postdocs, contract research staff and Cambridge alumni.