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Faculty Board

Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Membership and Contacts

Membership and Contacts

The membership of the Faculty Board for 2015-16 is as follows:


  • Class (b) - two members appointed by the Council (for two years) after consultation with the General Board:



  • Class (d) - up to three members co-opted by the Faculty Board (for up to one year): three current vacancies


  • Class (e) - three representatives of cognate studies and holders of specified offices (for two years):
    • Representative from the Faculty of English (Prof. Paul Russell) (until 30 Sep 2017)
    • Executive Director of the Language Centre (Ms Jocelyn Wyburd)
    • Representative from the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies (Dr Paul Anderson) (until 30 Sep 2017) 


  • Class (f) - three members elected by and from the students in the Faculty:
    • Mr Harry Ness, Q, Sep 2017
    • Miss Juliana Reed, DOW, Sep 2017
    • Mr Pavlo Shopin, CL, Sep 2017

The student representatives can be contacted via email