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The Cambridge Commitee for Russian and East European Studies (CamCREES) was founded in 1987 to promote and facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration in the study of Russia, Eastern Europe, and Eurasia at the University of Cambridge. It also represents to outside bodies the interests of Russian and East European Studies at the University. CamCREES connects students and scholars across departments, colleges and faculties at Cambridge in order to advance knowledge about the diverse cultures, economies, and societies of the region. During the academic year, CamCREES organises and hosts a series of evening seminars and other special events with leading scholars, artists, and practitioners, which are open to the general public. It also offers seed funding for creative interdisciplinary initiatives conceived and organised by postgraduates.



The University of Cambridge is home to a host of clubs and societies oriented on the cultures and languages of Poland, Russia and Ukraine. For a full, up-to-date listing of Universities societies, click here.


The Russian Speaking Society (CamRUSS) is a society for residents of different nationalities and backgrounds who are interested in Russian language, culture and traditions, history and politics, modern life and travel. They organise various events, e.g. lectures, talks, parties, walks, trips to theatres, concerts and exhibitons.


The Cambridge University Russian Society evolved from the Cambridge University Slavonic Society which itself started in the early 1920s or perhaps even earlier.

The university society brings together students, lecturers and people with an interest in Russian history, culture and language.
It organises a variety of events throughout the year such as:

  • Educational Lectures With An Expert
  • High Profile Talks (See Website)
  • Russian Literature Evenings
  • Conversational Evenings
  • College Formal Dinners
  • Food Festivals
  • Various Trips
  • Film Nights
  • Parties

Some previous speakers include:
Vladimir Pozner, Andrei Konchalovsky, Boris Grebenschikov, Vladimir Zhvanetsky, Diana Arbenina, Bi-2, Vladimir Ashkenazy, Sir Tony Brenton, Roger Munnings CBE, Dmitri Zimin and Irina Kirillova MBE amongst many others!


The Cambridge University Ukrainian Society, established in 2001, is the official association of people that are doing their studies or research at the University of Cambridge and are Ukrainians by blood, passport or spirit. We unite both Ukrainians and foreigners who care for Ukraine, its past, present and future. The Society is open to everyone. It promotes Ukrainian culture, gives an insight on Ukrainian politics, strengthens social networks among its members and assists in the establishment of professional, academic and business links of its members with outside community.



The Cambridge University Central European Society (CUCES) is a vibrant and energetic society representing what must be one of the most exciting regions of Europe. They don't attempt to set boundaries of Central Europe and happily cater for all countries between Baltic and Black Seas, and between Germany and Russia. It is the point of Europe where the West meets the East and creates a unique blend of Catholic, Orthodox and Islamic; Germanic, Slavonic and Magyar; vodka, beer and rakiya. The society endeavours to promote Central European culture by organising talks, literature evenings, showing films and organising trips to central Europe. They also provide an opportunity for people interested in this region to meet at our regular parties.

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Slavonic News

Cambridge Becomes a Permanent Home for Polish Studies

14 July 2017

The Department of Slavonic Studies is pleased to announce that Polish language, literature and culture will be a permanent feature of the University of Cambridge’s research and teaching following the signing of an agreement with the University of Warsaw on 14 July 2017.

Become Heroes of Our Time!

18 May 2017

Study Russian and join the Department of Slavonic Studies at the University of Cambridge! A special outreach event for secondary school students in Years 11 and 12 will be held on Saturday, 1 July 2017 , Selwyn College, University of Cambridge.