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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


Language Acquisition

Convenor: Prof Ianthi Maria Tsimpli

The aim of the seminar is to read about and discuss recurrent issues in Second Language Acquisition. We will discuss the following for topics in depth:

Aims of the seminar:

  • Transfer
  • Interlanguage and errors
  • The Fundamental Difference between L1 and L2 acquisition
  • Economy and complexity in L2 acquisition


All four topics will be introduced by the lecturer, and we will then read and discuss a first text introducing the topic or proposing the idea (often a seminal work in the domain). Following on from that, we will read one or two further papers on the topic, and reflect on how the idea has developed and been discussed given the evidence / findings we gathered on the topic in the last 50-60 years.

The seminar should give students an insight into the various issues of importance in the domain of second language acquisition, and in the development of the field more generally. It should also give them useful ideas and perspectives on what to research in this area, and how to research it, if they are thinking of working on second language acquisition.