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Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages


French Linguistics

Convenor: Prof Wendy Bennett

This seminar will discuss major current issues in French linguistics, both synchronic and diachronic.


  • This seminar is particularly designed for anyone doing a pathway in French (or Romance) linguistics
  • The sessions will be focussed around the reading of major texts and discussion of key issues in French linguistics, including sociolinguistics
  • To some degree, the choice of topics can be tailored to the research interests of the participants
  • Students wishing to take this seminar must have taken the History of French lecture course in the Michaelmas Term
  • Much of the reading will be in French, so it is essential to have a very good reading knowledge of French to be able to take this seminar
  • Active participation is required by those attending – this might include giving a presentation on a research paper/topic for a seminar, leading a session related to their research project and/or oral presentation.


For any questions, please contact Professor Wendy Bennett (


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