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Past and upcoming events


The Mechanisms of Language Change research cluster has put on several workshops since its official inauguration in 2009. Below are details of these workshops. For a full list of talks related to the cluster, see our page.

Workshops in 2012

  • Tuesday 1 May 2012, 9.45am-4.10pm
    Mechanisms of Language Change Research Cluster Workshop
    Walters Room, Selwyn College
    09.45 Opening Remarks
    10.00 Thomas Godard: 'Joseph Priestley's attitude towards French in the Rudiments of English Grammar (1761-689)'
    10.30 Alison Edwards: '"Society isn't working like this": first results from the Corpus of Dutch English'
    11.00 Break
    11.15 Elena Pala: 'The polynomic model in Corsica: changing language attitudes'
    11.45 Invited speaker: Dr Jeanette Sakel (University of the West of England): 'A typology of grammatical borrowing'
    12.45 Lunch
    13.30 Invited speaker: Prof Susan Pintzuk (University of York): 'Variation and change in the position of objects in Old English: the independence of syntactic change and discourse/performance factors'
    14.30 James Naruadol Chancharu: 'Prohibitives in mainland Southeast Asia: typological and historical notes'
    15.00 Break
    15.10 Moreno Mitrović: 'Particle sequence and development of orthotonic coordinators in Indo-European'
    15.10 Marius Jøhndal: 'The "predicative" gerundive in Latin'

Workshops in 2011

  • Monday 9 May 2011, 10am-1pm
    Prescriptivism and language variation
    English Faculty Building, GR-05
    10.00 Invited speaker: Leigh Oakes (Queen Mary, University of London): 'Commandeering language? Linguistic prescriptivism and variation in Quebec today'
    10.40 Liv Walsh: 'Speaker attitudes to the French language in France and Québec: Purist or moderate?'
    11.10 Coffee Break
    11.30 Thomas Godard: 'The development of normative metalanguage in English grammars, 1677-1712'
    12.00 Alison Edwards: 'Introducing the Corpus of Dutch English: Background and methodological insights'
    12.30 Elena Pala: 'Polynomia in Sardinia and Corsica: A case study'
  • Monday 17 January 2011, 2pm-5pm
    Methods in historical linguistics
    English Faculty Building, GR-05
    2.00 Marius Jøhndal: 'Testing reflexivity and logophoricity in Latin'
    2.40 Morgan Macleod: 'Preterite/periphrasis interchange in Old English'
    3.20 Coffee Break
    3.40 George Walkden: 'Tying up syntactic loose ends: hwæt/huat-clauses in Old English and Old Saxon'
    4.20 Invited speaker: Joel Wallenberg (University of Iceland): 'Converging methods in the study of language change'

Workshops in 2010

  • Monday 10 May 2010, 2pm-5.30pm
    Variation and change in the history of English
    Bowett Room, Queens' College
    2.00 Invited speaker: Olga Fischer (University of Amsterdam/ACLC): 'Grammaticalization as analogically driven change'
    2.45 Invited speaker: Joanne Close (University of Leeds): 'Recent changes in the modal system of English'
    3.30 Coffee Break
    4.00 Invited speaker: Ricardo Bermúdez-Otero (University of Manchester): 'The history of English phrase-level syllabification'
    4.45 Invited speaker: Kevin Watson (University of Lancaster): 'Lenition in Liverpool English'