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Department of Spanish and Portuguese

The Department of Spanish and Portuguese is one of the largest in the UK, and has been ranked as one of the most outstanding for teaching and research. The Department is a lively and friendly community of undergraduates, postgraduates (masters and doctoral students), researchers and lecturers with interests ranging from the cultures and history of Catalonia, Portugal and Spain, to those of Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and Mexico amongst others.

Particular research interests of staff are in fields as diverse as film and media studies, modern Peninsular and cultural studies, Portuguese and Brazilian literature and visual arts, translation theory, syntax of the Romance languages, contemporary Catalan culture, Medieval and Golden Age studies, and Latin American literature, film and visual arts.

The Department has approximately 400 undergraduates (across all years) and 14 postgraduate students who conduct their research under the supervision of senior members of staff. Most teaching is undertaken in small groups (supervisions), and as a student here (at any level) you will have frequent opportunities to discuss your work with teaching staff, often on a one-to-one basis.

If you are interested in studying here as an undergraduate, you may like to read the information about applying and attend one of our Faculty Open Days. If you wish to undertake postgraduate research in the Department, please see our dedicated information for MPhil and PhD students. We very much welcome enquiries from prospective students at all levels.

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Latest News

Simposio: Adaptaciones del cuerpo

28 April 2015

El simposio 'Adaptaciones del cuerpo' (28 de abril, 10:00–17:30, Alison Richard Building, SG1) pretende ofrecer diversas perspectivas y actualizar saberes distintos acerca de la experiencia, representación, conceptualización, práctica y actuación del cuerpo humano (pero también animal, mecánico, etc.) en su relación con la actualidad chilena, latinoamericana y global.

Mexico Noir: Rethinking the Dark in Contemporary Narrative and Photography

24 April 2015

The symposium adopts an intermedial and interdisciplinary approach to explore the allusive nexus of the dark in contemporary Mexican narrative and photography during decades of deepening crisis marked by the high profile staging of atrocities and the re-emergence of an ironic noir aesthetic .

Branding Latin America

8 April 2015

A conference convened by Dunja Fehimovic and Rebecca Ogden. Branding is the deliberate projection of a consciously-constructed image or identity, the marketing of the self to the other, the selling of specificity.